C2RUtilities.psm – Click-to-run help in PowerShell

Here is a quick utility module for PowerShell I threw together to make some task regarding C2R (Click To Run) deployment of Microsoft Office Pro Plus easier. The module have no external dependencies but a bit rough around the edges and is adapted very much for a couple of tasks at hand. This is as usual my own work and is not supported by Microsoft and I leave no guarantees what so ever.

Downloads the latest version of Setup.exe. It downloads the installer, unpacks the Setup.exe file and then throws everything that is not needed away. Clean and easy way of making sure that Setup.exe always is up-to-date.

Downloads all the files for C2R Office Pro Plus, as according to configurations, one or multiple. This is primarily to populate a local distribution point first time around. It supports multi-version and multi-language.

Saves a bunch of config files at the same time. Used when bulk-creating multiple version or multiple shares for local distribution points.

Creates a configuration file for used by the out-of-the-box installer Setup.exe that you downloaded earlier. Supports most common options of adding, removing and languages. Should be pretty straight forward to use.

This will download and parse the list of available builds on the CDN. This is useful for when populating a local distribution share.

The following example will download a list of all available versions in the CDN, create deployment config in Swedish, German and US English using standard options but with a local update path, save the deployment configs to the share for use later when deploying and lastly actually download all the bits.