Holliday fun

This is a very silly and stupid demo of the Import-HTML and Out-Word Cmdlets that are both parts of the PowerShell library I publish. I was inspired to this module (apk.psm1) by fellow MVP Niklas Goude who once made a script to pull these values down with PowerShell. However I needed very fast parsing of HTML to XML and the Internet Explorer parser is simply to slow for me and so I wrote the Import-HTML wrapper around some code from the HtmlAgilityPack.

So what do the script do you wonder? Well The script will go to APK.NU (Alcohol Per Krona Index) and get the list of the best prices for alcohol in the Swedish monopoly (this is the childish part of the script) as HTML. Take it for what it is: a demo of parsing HTML and I needed some arbitary data to parse.. =) After download completes then it parses the document to xml then we are able to use those values to create a nice pdf or whatelse we need.