Parse HTML in PowerShell

Quick dive into ParsedHTML. This is a short (and quite meaningless) snippet.
It downloads the first page of APK.SE which contains a table, it then “rips”/parses that page and returns as objects.
Very slow but shows how to parse HTML.

Delivering 8-part online PowerShell training for TechNet

I will during 8 one hour sessions take you from novice to expert at PowerShell. The course will have examples, documentation and presenation. Each session will end with a interactive Questions and Answers part.

The sessions will be held in Swedish and you can sign up here and also on Facebook

Blog technical problem

Updated crash notice 2013-03-01: Today I gave up on trying to restore the backups of 2012 and most of 2011. It just would not go my way. Lost over one year of blog-posts. If you are missing something special let me know and I will try and dig something up…. :/