Screencast: Empowering Sharepoint using Powershell (part 1)

Today I started my screencast series about how to empower sharepoint using powershell. The microphone I use sucks, but still trying to learn this screenrecording stuff. =) Part 1 is a short introduction to doing some basic tasks such as creating sites and items in a list. Also I show how to load the needed assemblies. Please watch it; and send comments about the content etc to me to make theese casts better – its quite new to me to “talk and present” into a computer. =) Below the video you will find some code used in the demo.

Big news! PerformancePoint merged into Sharepoint

Microsoft made a strategy announcement this past friday and letting us know that PerformancePoint, after the next servicepack, will be integrated into Sharepoint Enterprise License and not to be sold as a standalone product. This means that one of the big obstacles in deploying PerformancePoint is cleared: the price. BI to everyone! After April 1st there will be no more PerformancePoint stand-alone product. I can’t wait until Office 14 hits the streets! It also means that Microsoft is centralizing its BI efforts into three products: Excel, Sharepoint and SQL Server. Since this is a SA benefit you can already today deploy PerformancePoint at no additional cost if you are a lucky holder of a Sharepoint 2007 ECAL SA – thats right! No need to wait! Read more on the Microsoft BI site.

Maximizing SharePoint out-of-the-box

Later today I will be delivering a two-hour seminar at Informator about SharePoint 2007 and the OOTB functionality in Gothenburg. The main focus is to show that the product can be used without customizing, and not only be used for simple task, but deliver full scale applications even at the enterprise level. I will also show that the system perhaps not always meets the demands.. consultant friendly OOTB as I use to say.. =) If you have the time, you are free to go by Informator Utbildning in Gothenburg the seminar starts at 16:30.

On my way to Microsoft MCT-Summit in Prague

Back from christmas – no computers at all for 18 days. Almost the worst panic situation ever for me. =) However, on my way to the MCT Summit in Prague now and meet fellow MCTs from all of EMEA. If you are there then please send me a mail and lets meet for a beer or something. Will blogg if anything interesting pops up (I know there will be but some I think is under NDA). Otherwise see you in a week when I publish my first screencast. Live long and prosper.